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  1. An adventure of a life time

    Explanation: More and more people are starting to look in places other than their chosen career paths to find meaning ang satisfaction in life.

  2. Here's what I got:

    a. 3 °F

    If the temp was zero on the first day and rose by 3 °F, logically, it would be 3 °F.

    b. -4 °F

    The same logic applies.

    c. -3 °F

    Using integers, we can assume the opposite of 3 °F is -3 °F.

    Hope this helps!

  3. 1. You really shouldn’t use “I” in an essay (it’s just improper) unless the essay is about you or you’re telling a story that you need to use “I”

    2. Instead you could say, “Two situations where heroes have brought cell phones to soldiers in war, and saved people from freezing in creative ways are (situation one) and (situation 2)
    - and then continue on with your body paragraphs.

  4. I think on the second day it is 3 degrees on the third day it is -1 degrees and on the fourth day it is -3

    Step-by-step explanation:

  5. Explanation:

    ~ zoos are helpful to animals because if its a zoo that helps injured animals, it can nurse the animals back to health while families and people can be entertained while going to the zoo in the first place. ~

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