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  1. 10:38 + 3 hrs = 1:38add 22 minutes and u get 2:00add 5 minutes, and u get 2:05so we have 3 hrs + 22 minutes + 5 minutes...and that equals 3 hrs and 27 minutes

  2. Hello Im also in 8th grade I think the answer is B, because 3cm is already included with the 10cm so if you multiply 10 x 4, it is equal to 40.

    Hope this helps.

  3. A) [tex]32\pi[/tex]

    Step-by-step explanation:

    First, solve the volume of the cylinder. It's about [tex]87.96[/tex]

    Next, find the volume of the cone. It's about [tex]12.57[/tex]

    Thus, the total volume is  [tex]87.96[/tex][tex]+[/tex][tex]12.57[/tex], which is about [tex]100.53[/tex]

    [tex]100.53[/tex] in terms of [tex]\pi[/tex] is A) [tex]32\pi[/tex]

    Hope I helped!

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