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  1. To cover the path 61 gallon paint is needed.

    Step-by-step explanation:


    The diameter of the pool = 22 yd

    The width of the ring shaped path = 5 yd


    The diameter of the outer circle = (22+5+5) yd = 32 yd

    To find the amount of paint is needed to coat the path.


    The area of a circle with radius r is πr²


    The radius of outer circle (R) = 16 yd

    The radius of inner circle (r) = 11 yd

    The area of the outer circle = 3.14×16² sq yd = 803.84 sq yd

    The area of the inner circle = 3.14×11² sq yd = 379.94 sq yd


    The area of the path is = (803.84-379.94) =423.9 sq yd

    1 gallon is needed to cover 7 sq yd.

    The required paint to cover 423.9 sq yd = (423.9÷7) gallon

    = 60.55 gallon = 61 gallon (approx)


    To cover the path 61 gallon paint is needed.

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  3. D

    Step-by-step explanation:


    Therefore 17 is MORE THAN OR EQUAL TO 16 meaning that is not the part of the solution

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