Help me please I need this done in 20 minutes!!

Help me please
I need this done in 20 minutes!!

[tex]Help me please I need this done in 20 minutes!![/tex]

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  1. El tema que más me gusta es la ciencia. Necesita usar gafas de seguridad o puede lastimarse. Una clase que no me gusta es la matemática. No necesita usar gafas de seguridad en la clase de matemáticas.


    I hope this helped 🙂

  2. Explanation:

    Whoa Whoa

    El único veneno que he tenido es la hiedra

    El único hombre al que temo es Dios

    Ninguna serpiente puede hacerme correr ahora

    Porque me han mordido todos

    Ningún dólar puede mirarme hacia abajo

    Ningún vecino puede callarme

    Estoy fuera del

  3. stops on an even number.

    [tex]Pls ! 15 points! event a: stops on an even number.event b: stops on blue.find the p(a or b).[/tex]

  4. Basically what you have to do is multiply the two numbers that are mentioned and that will be your answer.

    This is because the item will have the same amount or length and you just need to find what it will be with multiple ones.

    Next time you could highlight keywords that help you understand if you are supposed to multiply, divide, subtract, or add.

  5. "They needed ways to move around the city." I chose this because the article focuses on new technology reducing food prices and helping in urbanization and it doesn't mention anywhere in the article anything about commuting from one place to another or the advancement in transport technologies.

  6. i would if i had time i am in and online class currently and  i really wish i could andd i get what its like failing classes do you still live with your parents bc i do and if they get a bad email its done for me


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