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  1. People need to distract themselves with actitives. they can also find a natural high. an example would be eating alot of meat. that meat can release dopamine to the brain which gives one a natural high feeling.

  2. C

    Explanation: this part of the poem shows that she expects/trust for others to create changes

    called your name

    in my sleep

    sitting and waiting

    thought you would awake me

    called your name

    lying in my bed

    but you didn't have it

    offered to go get it

    but you didn't have it                                                  

    so i'm sitting

  3. B. Woman who want change need to make it happen.


    In this poem, Nikki Giovanni provides a commentary on the common idea that women have to wait for things to happen to them. Often, women are considered "passive" beings, and Giovanni criticizes this idea in the poem. Her ultimate goal is to subvert this assumption by showing that things do not simply "find us." Instead, we need to actively look for them. This means that if women want change, they actually need to work hard in order to make it happen.

  4. I believe the correct answer is B. (Back story: At first, I thought it was about Rosa Parks and how she didn't give up her seat on the bus (because I didn't read the answer choices. lol). 

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