HIGHLIGHTYOUR ANSWER9Which of these main ideas BEST summarizes theidea of this passage?A) War is never justified and should

Which of these main ideas BEST summarizes the
idea of this passage?
A) War is never justified and should be avoided
B) It would not be logical to rebel against Great
C) There comes a time when people must defend
D) Only those with no hope resort to committing
violent acts

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  1. C


    The second paragraph talks about why you should farm and the first talks about farmers doing it. Answer A is wrong because these are positive passages. Answer B is wrong because the second is about Doing it yourself and d is wrong because the second passage doesn't diss on the citrus.

  2. C- Wind- Wolf has a different educational background than many other children. This is the correct option.

    Wind- Wolf has learnt about the universe and Mathematics from his mother and the people of his tribe. Therefore, his mind is not empty, he has got some experience and this should be considered by the teacher. There is a contrast between the Western idea of knowledge and the tribal idea of knowledge. Wind- Wolf is just culturally different from  his school mates; he does not have any learning difficulty.

  3. C.


    It talks about the difficulties and challenges from growing fruits and veggies. But, It also shows the rewards from growing them.

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