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  1. The correct answer is B) manufacture cars, C) replace manual laborers, D) run spaceships, and E) make toys.

    What Artificial Intelligence can do for is "manufacture cars, replace manual laborers, run spaceships, and make toys.

    Scientists consider artificial intelligence the work performed by a program or machine to activities that formerly were made by humans. The artificial intelligence shows behaviors that are associated with human activities such as to plan for something, problem-solving, and fabrication of things.

    That is why Artificial INtelligence can manufacture cars, replace manual laborers, run spaceships, and make toys, and more things in the future.

  2. Artificial intelligence can be used to help science students research and verify their research. It is also a very interesting topic to study in general.

    Hope that helped!!! k

  3. In terms of security, it can help prevent further cyber attacks from people as it would be able to predict by itself what types of attacks might happen. However if it goes into the wrong hands, cyber intelligence and our whole infrastructures are at risk.

  4. Im pretty sure its replace manual laborers and manufacture cars, run spaceships, make toys.

    Explanation: If artificial intelligence becomes smart enough they can replace workers.

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