How did cardinal richelieu effect french settlement in north america? a. he advised king louis xiii

How did cardinal richelieu effect french settlement in north america? a. he advised king louis xiii not to fund french explorers interested in travelling to the americas. b. he founded a company to invest in new france and give land to catholic settlers. c. he invested heavily in the fur trade. d. he lobbied the pope to issue a papal decree giving france complete control of north america.

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  1. A settlement, or human settlement is the place where a person or a community is established. However, it is generally understood by "settlement" a group of dwellings with a certain degree of precariousness, either from the point of view of the basic services present, or even from the point of view of the legality of the occupation of a given territory. In the context of a given territory, a settlement is a permanent civilian presence protected by the military. There can be various types of settlements, according to the law and city planning can be divided in formal and informal ones.

  2. You might have to expand on this idea but: Many of the earliest European settlers to North America came here to seek religious freedom. Puritans & others were fleeing the "tyrannical" hand of the Church of England, and other European religions that had become the law.

  3. When the West Bank came under Israel's occupation in 1967, Israelis began to move into settlements located around the West Bank. The Jewish communities put down roots on land that is meant for Palestinians and their presence divided the Palestinian communities. More than half of the land privately owned by Palestinians were declared by Israel as state land. Water springs previously used by Palestinian farmers are no longer available to them. Five of the water springs have been taken over by the settlers and made into tourist spots. Palestinians are not allowed on some Israeli-only roads and they have to go through many checkpoints.

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