How did the native american allies of france help france in the age of exploration ?

How did the native american allies of france help france in the age of exploration ?

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  1. the assassination of president lincoln was just one part of a larger plot to decapitate the federal government of the u.s. after the civil war. the first reaction to lincoln’s death was disbelief. then it quickly changed to grief. abraham lincoln’s death created an outpouring of grief from citizens in both the north and the south.


    lincoln was the first u.s. president to be assassinated. president abraham lincoln, america’s civil war leader, was assassinated just five days after confederate general robert e. lee surrendered his army at appomattox court house, ending the four-year war between the states. on the evening of april 14, 1865, lincoln was attending a performance of our american cousin at ford’s theatre in washington, d.c. john wilkes booth – a 26-year old actor, confederate sympathizer, and white supremacist – slipped into the presidential box and shot lincoln in the head. john wilkes booth and his conspirators had initially planned to kidnap lincoln to save the confederate states. but as the confederacy faltered, booth’s thoughts turned to murder. booth may have decided to act on his hatred after lincoln endorsed giving the right to vote to african-american men who had served in the union army.

  2. answer

    the statement that best describes president carter’s attempt to free the hostages in iran is c. all of the attempts failed.


    the operation eagle claw conducted by the united states armed forces was a failed mission which aimed to rescue 52 americans captured as hostages in the american embassy, tehran on 24/4/1980.the mission was authorized by president jimmy carter. the failures included;   obstacles in operation that included operational conditions challenges caused by sandstorms, hydraulic problems of one the helicopters and , mechanical failure of another helicopter that was identified as a cracked rotor blade and the crashing of another helicopter during mission abortion causing death of 8 service persons.

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