How did the united states increase the size of its military during the vietnam war? a. it required all male college students

How did the united states increase the size of its military during the vietnam war? a. it required all male college students to fight. b. it offered financial rewards to recruits. c. it implemented a draft to increase troop size. d. it took over the south vietnamese military.

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  1. From an engineering point of view, World War II was a period of unique evolution. Within six years, armies that still used cavalry literally - with horses - were replaced by armored divisions with tanks of up to 76 tons. The real Blitzkrieg revolution was the massive use of tanks and troop transports that broke through the weak points of enemy defenses and exploited them with stunning speed. Within this tactic, Sd.Kfz 250 and 251 had the role of transporting a complete fire team, between 7 and 13 members, to the front line on any terrain. Thus, due the impressive german vechicles, USA increased its production of tanks after the german blitzkrieg.


  2. Option A is the right answer that it sent financial aid and US troops to South Vietnam.

    The United States formally involved in the Vietnam War only after the Tonkin Resolution. The goal of the United States was to stop the spread of Communism in the region. The U.S provided South Vietnam with financial and military assistance.

  3. The U.S increased its armored vehicle production during WWII because the German tanks were usually a superior foe. While American tanks were made to be produced at a constant and fast rate they were pretty low quality. But the German tanks on the other hand were usually over engineered and far superior to any allied tank on the battlefield. It is said that it took 5 American Sherman tanks to destroy just 1 German Tiger tank.

    [tex]Why did the united states increase its production of tanks after the german blitzkrieg? ww2?[/tex]

  4. 1. gulf of tonkin incident
    2. truman doctrine
    3.containment of communism

    probably a little off but it'll lead you in the right direction.
    (I was literally learning this a couple months ago and my memory is a little rusty)

  5. a wide range of volunteer efforts and submitting to government-managed rationing and price controls. Providing supplies to American and Allied troops fighting the war in Europe, Africa, and the Pacific required the efforts of all Americans. At home, citizens contributed to the war effort by rationing consumer goods, recycling materials, purchasing war bonds, and working in war industries.

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