How do you find the volume and surface area?

How do you find the volume and surface area?

[tex]How do you find the volume and surface area?[/tex]

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  1. 4.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Cylinder volume & surface area. Acylinder's volume is π r² h, and itssurface area is 2π r h + 2π r².

  2. A scatter plot is made with the data shown:

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  3. The find the volume and you will have to know the formula for it.
    Formula for Volume: L x W x H

    How to find surface area: Find the area for all of the faces the shape has then add them all up to find the surface area.

    In this case of the volume :19x10x12=2,280
    Surface area:(19x12)+(19x12)+(10x19)+(10x19)+(12x10)+(12x10)=956

  4. 1. squared meters, or squared cm for surface area.

    cubic meter or cubic centimeters for volume, also cubic liters for liquids...

  5. You multiply 2 (m) and 0.8 (m) by each other and then use that answer and multiply it by the sides (faces) that the object contains 😛

  6. To find the surface area of a prism (or any other geometric solid) we open the solid like a carton box and flatten it out to find all included geometric forms. To find the volume of a prism (it doesn't matter if it is rectangular or triangular) we multiply the area of the base, called the base area B, by the height h.

  7. When a prism has its bases facing up and down, the lateral area is the area of the vertical faces. (For a rectangular prism, any pair of opposite faces can be bases.) The lateral area of a right prism can be calculated by multiplying the perimeter of the base by the height of the prism

    Step-by-step explanation:

    To find the lateral surface area, we will find half of the perimeter of the base and multiply it by the slant height of the side triangles. Each triangle has a slant height.

  8. If you check the picture below, the figure is just an octagonal prism, namely, a regular octagon solid

    so... notice the picture, the figure itself is just 2 regular octagons, stacked up to 8 rectangles at the corners

    so just get the area of the octagons, and the area of the rectangles, and add them up together, that's the area of the figure

    area of a rectangle, you surely know how to get

    now, to get the area of a regular polygon [tex]\bf \textit{area of a regular polygon}\\\\
A=\cfrac{1}{4}\cdot n\cdot s^2\cdot cot\left( \frac{180}{n} \right)\qquad 
n=\textit{sides in the polygon}\\
s=\textit{length of one of sides}

    notice, for your figure, is an OCTA=8, gon, so 8 sides, n = 8, and the side's length is 0.8


    now. the volume is simple, the volume of it, will just be the area you found for the octagon times the height
    namely (area of octagon) * (2)

    [tex]How do you find the volume and surface area of this? ?[/tex]

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