How do you prepare diluted acid from concentrated acid?

How do you prepare diluted acid from concentrated acid?

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  1. A dilute acid solution is prepared by adding the concentrated acid to water. If you do the reverse, i.e. add water to the acid it is possible that a small amount water could react with acid and boil and explode thus splashing the acid onto you or someone else near the activity. 

  2. substituting a hydrogen atom with a halogen in a hydrocarbon:

    - the single bond remains single. a is wrong.

    - the bond with hydrogen is as strong as with a halogen. c is wrong

    - a hydrocarbon is saturated if there is no double bond. we do not know that so d is wrong.

    - carbon will always have four valence electrons. e is wrong.

    by elimination, the correct answer is b. the boiling point of the new compound increases.

  3. it’s previous models   because when i picked that son of a gun’s answer it was wrong look for previous models because they might make it a different letter  

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