How do you say “it is 1:20” in spanish

How do you say “it is 1:20” in spanish

[tex]How do you say “it is 1:20” in spanish[/tex]

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  1. 3. comico 
    4. Durar 
    5. acaba
    6. actor
    7. Infantil
    8. tonto
    9. me aburre
    10. le encantan
    11. emocionante
    12. el programa de entrevistas
    13.  Nos queda cinco dólares.
    14. Programa de juegos
    15. la telenovela
    16. el programa educativo
    17. acaba de empezar
    18. una comedia
    19. Le gustan los programas musicales
    20. it means: Really?
    21. Both telenovelas and soap operas are serial melodramatic genres In contrast, it's a rare event that a soap opera actor transitions well to into Hollywood.
    22. the San Sebastian International Film Festival- It is the only film festival in Spain listed as a category “A” event, one of only 13 in the whole world. 
    The Malaga Film festival- The official name of the event is Festival de Málaga Cine Español (FMCE) and began in 1998 to drive the Spanish film industry.
    23. There are two main reasons for regional television in Spain. The first is so that people can get the news in a timely fashion, the other is for entertainment. 
    24.The goya awards are just like the oscar awards... basically. The goya awards are for the best Spanish films of the years.
    25.she was the first woman to receive a chair at a Spanish university and her home in La Coruña, which belongs to the Real Academia Galega, now houses the Casa-Museo Pardo Bazán, dedicated to the conservation and dissemination of the author's heritage.

    I could not answer one and two because there was no picture.

  2. 1. Soy de Puerto Rico.
    2. Una chica de Portugal es portuguesa.
    3. Hoy estamos triste.
    4. Rosa y Marta están muy ocupadas.
    5. No, no estoy feliz hoy.
    6. Una chica alemana es de Alemania.
    7. Diana es muy amable.
    8. Las chicas japonesas son de Japón.
    9. Las chicas de Bolivia son bolivianas.
    10. Nadie está enfermo hoy.

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