✞ how should your book review points be supported? a. with quotes from another reviewer b. with quotes from your teacher

how should your book review points be supported?

a. with quotes from another reviewer
b. with quotes from your teacher
c. with quotes from the text
d. with quotes from other books

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  1. "Follow a natural order" means to cover your ideas step-by-step so the reader can follow along.

    I hope this answer has helped you 🙂

  2. 1.) It depends on an individual position and conscience. If I am stuck in such a situation with people of CEO, COO etc stand i'd be worried about not only my job but also about my career. As these kinda instances can dismantle your career and can have a lasting effect.In my case i'd not have volunteered as the CEO,COO have the power to dissappear information and documents. It would be a blind move if i go and volunteer for it and they documents are not found. However, if the situation is different and i am in possession of those copies of cheques then i'd be blunt in sharing the same to concerned authorities. Also if you have the evidence with you ,no position can coerce you into doing anything once you provide it to concerned authorities because then you have the edge.

    2.) loans without sufficient collateral, drawing cheques in spouses's names,paying of personal expenses from corporate credits etc.,

    These are just allegations ,if none of them are proved in the court or inquiry ,then these are mere allegations. if however,are supported by evidences,these can be a case if unethical practices.

    3.) The ethics of a professional Accountant are-

    a.) objectivity- Seeing the things as they are with no bias. Assuming everything that you work for as something pure and respect your work in any way possible.

    b.) honesty- One who stands honest with his job are poster figures for any department or organisation a person work on or for. It is implied for anyone to be honest to his work.

    c.) Professional competence- An employees is supposed to be of professional competence to his work and organisation. He is required to keep.his knowledge update to that level.of oragnisation's requirement.

    d.) Confidentiality- is what the Job descripition states. An accountant by profession is not allowed in any way to share the information of his clients or organisation unless law specifies it so.

    e.) Professional Behaviour- A professional behaviour. includes reaching the work on time,completion.of duties to the firm , work within the organisation for its betterment etc. It is in the job description in any organisation

    4.) FDIC'S OFFICERS should have been more careful and diligent while working on the case. Each and every department concerned to the alleged wrongdoers sould have been checked for evidences which they clearly didnot do. They were not 100% vigilant with their work which is what made the situation awkard for you.

    5.) lesson's that can be learnt are- Business are way too practical and decisions have to be made on the merit of the situation. You can follow your gut in business just as you do or can in life. But sometimws all it takes is one moment that gets you in a position where nobody can touch. In this instance if you had those copies of cheques in your possession,no CEO ,or COO can coerce you into doing anything and at that moment it solely depends upon your reading of the situation.

  3. Answer


    The correct Option is D: Discuss review feedback with his colleagues and seek their advice


    When an employee is in disagreement with his manager on the interpretations made concerning the work performance or product, he or she should get advice from different viewpoints and colleagues. Avoid asking people who think similar like you when seeking such advice because they cannot help you recognize the blind spots.

  4. 1.Body




    5.That of a observer, refraining from personal criticism and judgement

    6.Focus on the details about the general features of the general product

    7.Features of a product that do not preform as promised

    8.The new CD of Brand X does not have a good mix of instruments

    9.While you create your first draft

    10.End Positively

    Hope this helps all of you!

  5. C) Yes, because the non-competition clause is oppressive.


    Non competition clauses are included in contracts between en employee and his/her employer. It generally requires that the employee agrees to not work with a competing firm during a reasonable amount of time after he/she leaves the company. Generally this clause requires a certain compensation for the employee and they must also be reasonable in both time and deciding who can be considered a competitor.

    In this case, the contract signed by Cody practically ties him to a team for the rest of his life and that is not reasonable at all. Most states do not recognize non competition clauses that last more than 2 years, since that is considered a very long duration.

  6. Answer to scenario A.-The police is subject to serious injuries. Being a police officer is a risky business everywhere. Police officers must be prudent and always be alert. However, you can see on the news that criminals hurt and even kill police officers.  Taking into account that biting can be something that criminals can do sometimes it is necessary to put a gag on criminal's mouths.

    Answer to scenario B.-Stress can be dealt in many forms: Ludic activities like a bowling contest with work colleagues or a football game are a good idea. Music can be also a great way to relax. Another way to relax is dancing. Learning to dance tango can be a lot of fun. The best strategy is praying because God exists and if you ask with faith something, the Lord is going to give it to you. In this case you can ask God for serenity and calm.

    Answer to scenario C.-When dealing with blood investigators have to wear masks and gloves and be very prudent when they are managing evidence. Fortunately the procedures when dealing with infected or hazardous materials, situation or evidence are  very clear and specific.

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