How to eat cows and dogs at the same time.

How to eat cows and dogs at the same time.

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  1. I think it's D. because it shows an example of Natural Selection that is not Artificial selection. No one as a human can make hummingbirds be adapted to eating sugary nectar from 's to the effect of growing long beaks and tongues.

  2. The cow's heart beats at 65 beats per minute

    Step-by-step explanation:

    To solve the per minute, take the total heartbeat number and divide it by the amount of minutes like so:

    Pig: [tex]\frac{225}{3}[/tex]

    Horse: [tex]\frac{180}{4}[/tex]

    Cow: [tex]\frac{520}{8}[/tex]

    Dog: [tex]\frac{540}{6}[/tex]

    Now all that you have to do is simplify them to get the following values:

    Pig: 75 beats per minute

    Horse: 45 beats per minute

    Cow: 65 beats per minute

    Dog: 90 beats per minute

  3. ANIMALS = ["cow", "cat", "dog", "fox", "lion", "bear", "sea lion", "deer", "dolphin"];

    C_ANIMALS = ANIMALS(startsWith(ANIMALS,"c"));

    LETTERS_3 = ANIMALS(strlength(ANIMALS)==3);

    D_GREATER_3 = ANIMALS(strlength(ANIMALS)>3 & startsWith(ANIMALS,"d"));





  4. Tails


    Dogs and cows both have tails

    Dogs dont have hooves feathers or beaks

    Cows dont have feathers or beaks

  5. Hey there, the answers are...

    For number one, Id say C. A would be wrong because women did not hunt, they were the cooks and cleaners. B wouldnt be right because they were in Southwest Asia area, and when I did this lesson my teacher said nothing about them going to Europe.

    For number two I would say the answer is C aswell. Because they eventually learned how to grow crops.

    For number three I would answer B or D but im not sure.

    Number four B farming provided a fairly reliable food supply. I say this because C im pretty sure not everyone was perfect at farming. And D I think farming took just as much work to farm. And A just wouldnt be right.

    Number five, im pretty sure its dog, its said that it started as tamed wolves.

    Number seven Id say the answer is D. Hunter gathers had to move around to different destinations in order to find animals, so this meant they didnt live in permanant homes.

    Number nine I think is C use of tools. The reason I say C is because farming has nothing to do with building a village, thats working for food. use of fire wouldnt be senseable for an answer either because you use fire to cook food with or for warmth. and d wouldnt be correct because that also has to do with filling empty stomaches...

    For number ten, Id say nomadic because that is moving around and not staying in one permanant area.

    For number twelve I think the answer is C hunter gathers.

    Srry these are the only answers I could answer but I hope this helps you...

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