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  1. there is no universally accepted definition of art. although commonly used to describe something of beauty, or a skill which produces an aesthetic result, there is no clear line in principle between (say) a unique piece of handmade sculpture, and a mass-produced but visually attractive item. we might say that art requires thought - some kind of creative impulse - but this raises more questions: for example, how much thought is required? if someone flings paint at a canvas, hoping by this action to create a work of art, does the result automatically constitute art?

  2. The four decision making styles are the Directive, Analytical, Conceptual, and Behavioral styles.


    A. The conceptual style decision makers willingly take risks, are innovative, and most times, are indecisive.

    B. The Behavioral style decision makers like obtaining opinions from others, they are accommodating, and welcome suggestions from people.

    C. Analytical style decision makers take a lot of time to make decisions. They over - analyze matters, consider more alternatives, and are autocratic.

    D. Directive style decision makers are task oriented, logical, pragmatic in their approach to problems, and are prone to take action.

  3. After someone answers you will see a little crown on the bottom right corner of their answer and you press on that to make them the braniliest.


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