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  1. I think for starters its pretty good.


    If you write more, I would love to read if you add on to this. Would love to see where thia goes!

  2. But Karen, I took the chain back yesterday because I needed it.


    Then Karen realized that her Mum already used the chain. So, Mum did not understand what the girls are worried about.

  3. Karen realizes that a problem can be solved by discussing it.

    Karen realizes that thinking calmly is better than panicking.


    In the story, Karen panicked and assumed that she lost the chain, but it turned out that mother had it all along. The theme was to not jump to conclusions and to think positively rather then panicking. Good things come through discussion.

  4. 1. C. readers who embraced the “new woman” and evolving gender roles.

    2. A. The author uses an omniscient narrator to reveal the thoughts and motivations of multiple characters in the story.

    3. D. to develop the relationship between the old man and the boy


    1. In these lines, Chopin describes the feelings of a woman who suddenly finds herself free of her husband. Although she is sad because of his death, she is also looking forward to the years that she has left, during which she will finally be independent. Readers who were critical of the role of women in society would be the ones that would find this story appealing.

    2. In this excerpt, the author uses an omniscient narrator. This is a narrator that can see and hear everything, which means that he can reveal the inner thoughts and motivations of several characters at once.

    3. It is likely that the author included this scene in order to describe the relationship between the old man and the boy. In this scene, the author describes how the man was harnessing the mare with great difficulty. On the other hand, the boy is simply combing his hair.

  5. Kate was correct on her opinion.


    First of all Karen should ask her Mum permission to use her chain. Doing that will not have problem in using it. So,  after all, the dialogue with her Mum was a must.

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