‘Identify the like terms in the expression 10x+5+3x+1.’ I wasnt paying attention and so I dont know the answer help

"Identify the like terms in the expression 10x+5+3x+1." I wasnt paying attention and so I dont know the answer help

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  1. Simplifying

    10x + -5(3x + -1) = 15

    Reorder the terms:

    10x + -5(-1 + 3x) = 15

    10x + (-1 * -5 + 3x * -5) = 15

    10x + (5 + -15x) = 15

    Reorder the terms:

    5 + 10x + -15x = 15

    Combine like terms: 10x + -15x = -5x

    5 + -5x = 15


    5 + -5x = 15

    Solving for variable 'x'.

    Move all terms containing x to the left, all other terms to the right.

    Add '-5' to each side of the equation.

    5 + -5 + -5x = 15 + -5

    Combine like terms: 5 + -5 = 0

    0 + -5x = 15 + -5

    -5x = 15 + -5

    Combine like terms: 15 + -5 = 10

    -5x = 10

    Divide each side by '-5'.

    x = -2


    x = -2

    Step-by-step explanation:

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  3. I hope this helps


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  4. like terms are numbers or letters that are a like.

    y² is the only letter with a square in this problem. Whilst xy and 2xy are the same.

    y²+ xy + 2xy

    y² there is no letter with square again.

    xy+2xy is the same as one orange + two orange.

    1 is never written against a letter.

    y²+ xy + 2xy


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