If anyone knows any of these lmk:) brainliest will be marked

If anyone knows any of these lmk:) brainliest will be marked

[tex]If anyone knows any of these lmk:) brainliest will be marked[/tex]

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  1. we can use sin to solve this




    using a calculator we find that h is 162.5383634 or just 162.5

    Step-by-step explanation:

  2. I would guess B.


    You probably already answered this question. Anyway, I would think it would be B since It has a lot of land and not that far off the coast.

  3. number 4, it would be editing is not one of them and number 2, it would be D


    number 4 would be C because structuring, Brainstorming, and structuring would be like planning and forming a plan for an assignment. Number 2 would be D because they want you to learn from the topic you are learning about and make sure where you are in learning things

  4. C. Families were split up and scattered


    That is extremely sad especailly for a mother, to loose all her kids. Not knowing where they are. Even i would be terrified if they took my mother from me.

  5. Step-by-step explanation:

    I would say that you can't conclude much. It depends on the size of the sample.

    It depends on how seriously people took the test.

    It depends on what their reading was like when they enrolled. Only 10% might be a huge improvement from where the school started.

    It depends on what phase the moon was in when they took the test.

    It depends on the time of day.

  6. C

    Step-by-step explanation:

    It isn't B simply because it says 10% of all students instead of 8th grade students. A isn't true because it says that nothing is able to be concluded from that information, which isn't true since the information states that 10% of the 8th graders at that school were reading below grade level.

  7. Families were split up and scattered.

    when they were sold they didnt sell them in family bundles so they all got split up.

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