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  1. 3. A cube with sides 4 m in length has a volume of 64 m². If each sideof the cube is doubled in length, what is the ratio of the new volume

    to the old volume?

    a 5:1

    b 2:1

    C 8.1


  2. If a = 6l^2 is the total area of the surface of a cube with sides l length and A = 6 (2l)^2 is that area with 2l sides, then we take the ratio A/a = 6 (2l)^2/(6 l^2) = (2l)^2/l^2 = 4l^2/l^2 = 4. So that A = 4a. And that explicitly shows that the area A with 2l for sides is 4 X a, where a is the area when l is the side length. 

    Using ratios to compare values of the same thing is the smart way to solve this kind of problem, because many of the values, like the 6 in both, cancel out. In fact, because we found that A/a = (2l/l)^2 we say in general that the area of a cube varies with the square of the length of its side.

    I hope my answer has come to your help. Thank you for posting your question here in We hope to answer more of your questions and inquiries soon. Have a nice day ahead!

  3. Dis the solution here
    [tex]Final question tell me when your ready all ill post a 100 point question but it will be like how are[/tex]

  4. ⍟ Longest rod = Diagonal of cuboid

    = √( l²+b²+h²)

    =√(12² + 9² + 8² )

    =√( 144+81+64)



    Hence, longest rod that can be placed in a room of dimensions 12m x 9m x 8m is 17 m

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