Im writing essay on the meet how does this sound”The meet” by Madelyn srin Ariel was furious when she found out that

Im writing essay on the meet how does this sound ''The meet'' by Madelyn srin

Ariel was furious when she found out that her fiercest competitor was coming to swim on Saturday. She looks around to see if anybody heard what she said. She tore off her swim cap and ran outside to her dads van. When she gets in the van she says ''dad it's my last chance to make the Olympic finals and Maria is going to be there Maria and her stoopid pink cap high fiveing her dad for good luck her dad replies with ''Ari remember what I told you the only thing that matters is what you do not win'' but no matter what Ariel wanted to win. On Saturday Ariel waited for Maria to come out hoping she would not but, she did, crying to the coach. Ariel tried to eavesdrop, but she could not hear them because of the loudness of the pool. She heard some word, and she said “…lucky swim cap. Gone … without it. the coach was trying to convince her to just were a normal one, but she said she needed it. At that moment Ariel saw the pink cap by the bleachers! Moments later she came over to Maria and said ''here, it was by the bleachers Maria responds with” Oh, Ariel. Thankyouthankyouthankyou,” Maria said through her sobs. “If I could not compete today, I don’t know what I would do.” Maria high fived her dad and walked away. Ariel felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around Maria’s father stood smiling, his flat hand raised and ready.“One for you, too!” he says. Maria tightened her pink cap and gave Ariel a smile. “Thanks again. And good luck.”“You’re welcome. And good luck, too.” Ariel replied. She smiled back, triumphantly. The theme of ''the meet'' is ''it's not always about winning or loosing it's about showing honesty.

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