In andrew marvell’s poem ‘to his coy mistress,’ why does the speaker use the line ‘thou

In andrew marvell's poem "to his coy mistress," why does the speaker use the line "thou by the indian ganges' side"? a. to make his beloved feel exotic and unique b. to reveal the depth of his love for his beloved c. to convey that his beloved seems far away d. to demonstrate his knowledge to his beloved

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  1. for me i cant do homework without music, so, i guess i would say faster with it, than without it. for me at least.

  2. gandhi's the story of my experiments with truth puts us in the first person. this allows us to really understand the characters and feel like we are living within the story. if it was in third person we may have felt as if we were just watching the story unfold. since it is in first person it allows us the opportunity to feel as if we really are a part of the story.

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