In order to develop good sleep hygiene, one should strive to do all of the following

In order to develop good sleep hygiene, one should strive to do all of the following except a. exercise right before bedb. avoid caffeine before bedtimec. avoid food at least an hour before sleepd. establish a sleep-friendly environment 

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  1. Brush your teeth, maybe shower or wash your face, use mouthwash, brush your hair, put on pajamas, lay out your clothes for the next morning, floss, set an alarm. Some habits that can keep you from falling asleep may be devices. Watching or playing on devices can attract your attention for hours and can keep you from a good nights sleep. Turning off devices is a good idea for before bed.

  2. C. Establishing proper sleep hygiene

    Explanation: the other options do the opposite of trying to help people sleep better.

  3. A. exercise right before bed


    Good sleep hygiene can be define as the practices which can help an individual comfortably and appreciably for standard duration. Thus improves health.  

    An exercise should be avoided before sleep. This is because of the fact that the exercise will produce tension and pain the muscles and bones. The pain may disturb the body and as a result of this the person may not be able to sleep.

  4. C. establishing proper sleep hygiene


    If you sleep at consistent times and establish proper sleep hygiene most people could solve their sleeping issues very quickly

  5. Clean up is very important before going to sleep. It is very helpful if you feel fresh and comfortable before going to sleep. Another one would be drinking helps make you sleep. The things that you need to avoid is drinking caffeine before going to bed. Caffeine can boost your alertness instead of going to bed, you will be up all night. Avoid watching movies and playing game apps on your phone. These two activities can divert your mind from sleeping.


  6. Based on, below are the 5 steps for a good night sleep:
    1.  Wake at the same time every day
    2. Hit the sheets only when sleepy
    3. Get up 
    4. Give yourself an hour
    5. Beware Sunday night insomnia

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