In your opinion do you feel that the current situation of this year is a result of Jim Crow laws?

In your opinion do you feel that the current situation of this year is a result of Jim Crow laws?

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  1. Indeed, the situation of racial tension between whites and African Americans that is taking place today is part of a complex historical process, which began with the slavery of black people in the south of the country, the Civil War and African American emancipation and, later, the failed Reconstruction process and the Jim Crow Laws.

    Thus, during the Jim Crow Laws, the southern states established limitations on the rights and freedoms of African Americans, both in their political and social and economic aspects. For this reason, a kind of institutional inequality began to develop between whites and African Americans, where the latter did not have the same capacity to exercise their rights as whites.

    This situation has been maintained, with gradual but slow changes, until today, where even today there are certain inequalities, although no longer institutionalized, between whites and blacks.

  2. b. major john c. frémont led a rebellion called the bear flag revolt.


    during the bear flag revolt, from june to july 1846, a small group of american settlers in california rebelled against the mexican government and proclaimed california an independent republic. the republic was short-lived because soon after the bear flag was raised, the u.s. military began occupying california, which went on to join the union in 1850. the bear flag became the official state flag in 1911.

  3. pepin the short[a] (german: pippin der kurze, french: pépin le bref, c. 714 – 24 september 768) was the king of the franks from 751 until his death. he was the first of the carolingians to become king.[b][2]

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