Is charlie consistent in his actions? what is unique about his situation? flowers for Algernon

Is charlie consistent in his actions? what is unique about his situation? flowers for Algernon

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  1. Answer to Question 1:

    Sadly, No. Charlie wasn't.


    This is a great story which speaks to the purpose for empathy and paradigm shift.

    Imagine travelling from one end of the a long rope to the other and back to where you started from. And with each meter you travel, you see, feel and know life differently. Charlie became another Charlie. A more intelligent and more preceptive Charlie.

    Charlie became more intelligent that those who were previously more cerebral than himself and in the same way they had disrespected him, he found himself doing the same, even for his old self.

    Answer to Question 2:

    The variance between Charlies situation and that of those who had abused and disrespected him stems form the fact that he sees in his heightened state of intelligence the weakness of his new self and seeks to minimize that by studying to become more emotionally mature.

    Though Charlie lapses back to his previous cerebral state he discovers that he now has a new sense of self respect.


  2. No, Charlie wasn't consistent with his actions.

    His situation is unique because though he was disabled, yet he had hope for a new Charlie. This led him to pursue a course of self-education and pursuit to untangle his emotional life.


    As he developed the new, genuis Charlie, his intelligence heightened and he learns to love and forgive his family.

    Previously, his actions has been carried out largely by the fear and shame his mother instilled in him.

    He hated the maltreatment he received while he was disabled but he grew to overcome it and was able to forgive his family.

    Towards the end, he seem to relapse back to his old self but he built a sense of self-worth.

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