Jordan says she cant access files on the server any more. no other user has reported this problem and

Jordan says she cant access files on the server any more. no other user has reported this problem and she can ping the server from another computer successfully. typing ping from jordans computer is also successful. using ping to try to reach the server or any other computer from jordans computer fails. a check of ip settings on jordans computer shows that her static ip address and other information is good. what is the most likely cause of the problem?

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  1. Lan cable was disconnected or unplugged from jordan's PC


    According to the scenario, no user other than Jordan has reported the problem which means that there was no issue in the network or server.

    As IP address ping of was successful means that the configuration of the IP address was also correct and the DHCP server was working correctly.

    After all assessment one of the main cause could be the disconnection of the LAN cable from Jordan's computer.

  2. To make the group of four we can write 100011 as 00100011

    Now, the two groups are:- 0010 and 0011

    And 0010 in binary corresponds to 3 in Hexadecimal

    And 0011 in binary corresponds to 4 in Hexadecimal.

    So, 100011 of binary corresponds to 34 of hex.

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    Your question asks which person does not use any computer code in their work.

    D).  Computer user support

    The reason why answer choice "D).  Computer user support" would be the correct answer is because they don't use any codes when they're at work. A computer user support person would answer phone calls to people that need help in computer related things. This would be also known as a "customer support" for computers. This work does not need any background or current knowledge of coding, due to the fact that they're only answering phone calls and answering any question the customer has. They don't send codes to the person's computer, they tell the person what to do to resolve their problem, and it's nothing involving coding.

    A web designer has to do a lot of coding, since in order to make a website, you need to code. That answer is eliminated.

    A database administrator looks over the data in the company. In order for them to make the data as simple and clean as possible for the organization, they need to code in order to fulfill the companies needs. This answer is eliminated.

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  4. x_total = (A + B) cos (wt + Ф)

    we have the sum of the two waves in a phase movement


    In this case we can see that the first boy Max when he enters the trampoline and jumps creates a harmonic movement, with a given frequency. When the second boy Jimmy enters the trampoline and begins to jump he also creates a harmonic movement. If the frequency of the two movements is the same and they are in phase we have a resonant process, where the amplitude of the movement increases significantly.


                   x₁ = A cos (wt + Ф)


                  x₂ = B cos (wt + Ф)


    total movement

                 x_total = (A + B) cos (wt + Ф)

     Therefore we have the sum of the two waves in a phase movement

  5. a)


    The DAGMAR approach focuses on basing the company's advertising objective's and goals based on the quantitative results of previous advertising campaigns. For a Creative Executive this would obviously seem as a bad approach because it puts too much emphasis on the quantitative assessment of an advertising campaign, which puts aside their creative methods in order to follow this quantitative approach.

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  6. Complete question:

    Imagine that a newly discovered, recessively inherited disease is expressed only in individuals with type O blood, although the disease and blood group are independently inherited.

    A normal man with type A blood and a normal woman with type B blood have already had one child with the disease. The woman is now pregnant for a second time.

    Assuming that both parents are heterozygous for the gene that causes the disease, what is the probability that the second child will also have the disease? Express your answer as a fraction using the slash symbol and no spaces (for example, 1/2).

    The probability that the second child will also have the disease is 1/16.


    Available data:

    Two genes independently inherited: one for blood type, the other for diseaseMan with type A blood  x  Woman with type B blood Both parents are heterozygous for the gene that causes the disease; Dd

    If the man has A blood, and the woman has B blood, and they already have an affected child, this means that they must be heterozygous for blood type too.


    Parentals)           AiDd         x      BiDd

    Gametes)  AD  Ad  iD  id       BD  Bd  iD  id

    Punnett square)      AD       Ad       iD       id

                         BD   ABDD  ABDd  BiDD BiDd

                         Bd   ABDd   ABdd   BiDd Bidd

                         iD    AiDD    AiDd    iiDD   iiDd

                         id    AiDd     Aidd     iiDd    iidd

    F1) Genotype:

    1/16 ABDD

    2/16 ABDd

    1/16 ABdd

    1/16 AiDD

    1/16 BiDD

    2/16 AiDd

    2/16 BiDd

    1/16 Aidd

    1/16 Bidd

    1/16 iiDD

    2/16 iiDd

    1/16 iidd


    3/16 A/B normal

    4/16 A normal

    4/16 B normal

    3/16 0 normal

    1/16 0 affected by the disease.

  7. Answer is in the photo. I couldn't attach it here, but uploaded it to a file hosting. link below! Good Luck!

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