Julie’s lolly bag contains two chocolates, two boiled lollies and a gum ball. She eats two of them,

Julie’s lolly bag contains two chocolates, two boiled lollies and a gum ball. She eats two of them, randomly, one after the other (that is, with no replacement.) a Use a simple tree diagram to represent this situation.
b What is the probability the lollies she eats will be a chocolate, followed by a boiled lolly?
c What is the probability both the lollies will be the same?
d What is the probability at least one of the lollies will be a chocolate?
e She decides that if the second lolly is the same as the first, she will replace it and try again until she gets a different lolly. What now is the probability at least one of the lollies will be a chocolate?
(Hint: There is no need to extend the tree diagram. Think of what this situation is
equivalent to.)

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  1. 546 - 25 x 13 (divided by) 13

    546 - (25 x 13) / 13

    Step-by-step explanation:

    25 x 13 = 325

    546 - 325 = 221

    221 / 13 = 17

    17 mens teams can register.

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    Step-by-step explanation:

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  3. [tex]25(13)+13m\leq 546[/tex]


    Step-by-step explanation:

    Each team can only consists of 13 players. Therefore, the total number of players is represented by:


    Where w represents the amount of women's teams while m represents the amount of men's teams.

    The total number of players cannot surpass 546. In other words, it must be less than or equal to. Therefore:

    [tex]13w+13m\leq 546[/tex]

    We already know that 25 women's teams have already signed up. To find out the possible number of men's teams that can sign up, we can substitute 25 for w and then solve for m.


    [tex]25(13)+13m\leq 546[/tex]

    I believe the answer would be A (there's no inequality sign, so I'm not sure).

    This isn't required by the problem, but I'm going to solve it regardless. Subtract and simplify:

    [tex]325+13m\leq 546\\13m\leq 221\\m\leq 17[/tex]

    Therefore, the maximum number of men's teams that can still register is 17 teams.

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    Step-by-step explanation:

    33% = 0.33

    $329.95 × 0.33 = $108.88 ( discount )

    $329.95 - $108.88 = $221.07 ( selling price )

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