Kara is worried about her friend jamie, who seems depressed and withdrawn. jamie recently quit their

Kara is worried about her friend jamie, who seems depressed and withdrawn. jamie recently quit their softeball team, which she used used to love. she started hanging out with a group pf friends who are known for underaged drinking. kara wants to jamie, but she doesnt know how or where to look for resources. what is the best next step for kara

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  1. I'd she is noticing problems she should not ignore her mate, she should not get involved with her new friends and especially if she doesn't trust them, and she should not forget about her problems because they could mean something NAD or even worsen hurting Jamie and/or even others. Thia leaves the last one which is a smart choice. If you ever notice something wrong or different in a person to the point where it could do harm ALWAYS tell an adult you trust so they can help you and your mate do the right thing.

  2. I've actually been in this position before is Jamie is stubborn then talking to her will not do anything. If Kara is really worried about her then what she can do is get a few more people that know whats going on with Jamie and are also worried about her then they can share their concerns about her as well, then Kara can take them to Jamie. 

    If that does not work then remind her who she was and how good she was doing before she started doing what she is doing now. This one is the one that helped my friend. If you remind them how bad it is to hang out with these people and who she is and how she is a good person then that will most likely help. 

    Hope that helps!

  3. I would try talking to her to help her, if that doesn't work, try getting adults involved. if she will be mad, tell her its for her own good and you wanted to protect her.

  4. the answer should be A

    Explanation: Generalized anxiety is categorized as unrealistic or excessive anxiety about two or more aspects of life such as jobs, family, social relationships, etc.

  5. Talk to her basketball coach, whom she trusts.


    Something may have happened to the basketball team that made Shelly discouraged and made her quit the sport she loves so much, become depressed, and seek new friendships. For this reason, it is ideal for Beth to talk to Shelly's coach so that he can find out what happened and how best to help Shelly overcome this problem and return to playing the basketball she loves so much.

  6. Beth should talk to a guidance councelor to help shelly. Beth could also talk to Shell's parents to give her the help she needs. A therapist would also be a good place to start. Hope this helped!

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