List three ways Florida’s economy has changed over time

List three ways Florida's economy has changed over time

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  1. Florida's economy has changed over time three times so far, in that it has gone from being a centre of agriculture, to being mainly focused on infrastructure acitivities, to now having a lot of the economy based upon the income received from tourist attractions such as DisneyWorld.

  2. Florida initial economy was agriculture (orange plantation, grapefruit, sugar cane etc). Then the (second) economy moved to growth due to infrastructure activities like railroads and highways. Now the main driver(third) of economy is tourism due to Disney, Sea world, and beaches.

  3. Today Florida ranks second only to California in the amount of vegetables produced. Nearly 30 percent of all of Florida's land is in farm acreage, with another 37 percent in commercial forests. Heavy industry is not as successful as it once was, and service jobs, such as in government, health care, and tourism, are becoming an even more important part of the economy.


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