Need the correct answer! ASAP !! A . B. C. D

Need the correct answer! ASAP !!
A . B. C. D

[tex]Need the correct answer! ASAP !! A . B. C. D[/tex]

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  1. I know one of the answers is B and the other I believe is A since you need 2 answers. They dropped the bombs because they didn’t want another d-day happening.

  2. B. to avoid a bloody and costly invasion of Japan

    C. to send a message of military strength to the Soviet Union


    The Allied plan to invade the Japanese home islands was predicted to have caused hundreds of thousands of casualties if it were to have been carried out. The atomic bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki further forced Japan into an unconditional surrender to prevent further casualties on both sides.

    Although not its direct or stated intention, some historians say the atomic bombings were a show of force that also served to dissuade Soviet Union influence in East Asia.

  3. A


    The poster, in a summary, is basically asking you to conserve items to help the environment.

    The answer A. is the only answer that talks about saving and donating “scrap”. The other choices talk about enlisting, consumption (the using up of a resource), and morales which have nothing to do with helping to save the environment.

    Conservation-prevention of wasteful use of a resource

    Hope this helps!

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