Needs ab ⊥ ac true or false idk i think it’s false

Needs ab ⊥ ac true or false idk i think it's false

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  1. Maybe the answer is 20mm. all i really did was just multiply, which is obvious.
    [tex]Find the surface area of the cylinder.give your answer in terms of pi.[/tex]

  2. Perpendicular means the slopes are opposite inverse of each other
    If line a is slope 2, the perpendicular line to Line a would have a slope - 1/2
    Difference in y over difference in x gives slope. If they are opposite inverse values the lines are perpendicular. ( in this case the answer is true.)

  3. d. it is a convex pentagon because it has five sides and none of the sides would extend into the inside of the polygon.

    step-by-step explanation:

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