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  1. Es porque ser

    americano es más que un

    orgullo que

    heredamos, es el pasado

    en el que

    entramos y cómo

    lo reparamos Hemos


    una fuerza que

    destrozaría nuestra nación

    en lugar de

    compartirla Destruiría nuestro

    país si significara retrasar la democracia Y este esfuerzo casi tiene éxito Pero mientras la democracia se puede retrasar periódicamente nunca puede ser derrotada permanentemente En esta verdad en esta fe confiamos en Porque si bien tenemos nuestros ojos en la historia futura tiene sus ojos puestos en nosotros Esta es la era de la redención Justa Temimos en sus inicios


    es pero te ayude

  2. We can build a better world together and we and our


    We can build a better world together: The end of the poem goes on about how theres hope. This does not sow that she feels that our country is divided forever nor that she thinks there isnt a problem.

    We and our: the writer uses we and does not say I

  3. "You campaign in poetry, you govern in prose" is a memorable Mario Cuomo quote that took an added dimension after Amanda Gorman's gorgeous poem, "The Hill We Climb," captured this week's inaugural inflection point between two presidencies.

    The poem, concurrently introspective and inspiring, spoke to a dispirited nation that has careened from crises ranging from a raging pandemic, to rage in cities, to an attack on the democratic process that culminated in the inauguration itself. Read radiantly by the poised, 22-year-old national youth poet laureate, Americans paid unusual attention to poetry — and more profoundly, the real state of the nation — right from these opening stanzas:

    "When day comes, we ask ourselves/Where can we find light/In this never-ending shade?/The loss we carry; a sea we must wade./We've braved the belly of the beast./We've learned that quiet isn't always peace./And the norms and notions of what 'just is'/isn't always justice./And yet the dawn is ours before we knew it./Somehow we do it./Somehow we've weathered and witnessed/a nation that isn't broken, but simply unfinished."

    It was "a fantastic reading and the perfect poem for the occasion," said Kathryn Nuernberger, an assistant professor of creative writing in the University of Minnesota's English Department.

    Nuernberger, a professor and practitioner of poetry, added that "the challenge a poet would have at an event like this is how do you tell the truth about power at an event that is all about power?"

    Gorman "managed to be honest and truthful and respectful," Nuernberger said, while still acknowledging "that the nation has this really troubled history; that there is so much work to be done while still maintaining the spirit of hope and celebration that was an important part of [the inauguration]."

    The young poet's words, Nuernberger said, "remind us that there is a way of writing poems that can be deeply resonant in the moment."

  4. I think the point she is trying to get across is that we should have pride in our country but also not deny that we have problems and we can fix them together rather than argue and get violent about it. So many things that shouldn’t be about politics ends up in one party and those things can end up dividing a family or friends. I think she also points out that we are the ones ripping the country apart and instead of only listing to one opinion we should hear all the others out and then come to a solution. (I’m not sure if this is completely right but I hope it helped)

  5. the theme of this poem is injustice, and the point she wanted to get across our nation is slavery.


    I tried my best!

    hope this helps and you can rephrase the sentence

  6. i would look up what she said n keep reading it like 3 times over and over again that is wht helps me than u will get an idea of wht the answer is. srry if this dont help!


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