Organic can someone edit my paragraph about my lab on extraction acid/base. i’m trying to make it fit

Organic can someone edit my paragraph about my lab on extraction acid/base. i'm trying to make it fit to one page but finding hard to make it concise. for example, my professor told me that i don't have to list out the possibilites for my mixture but instead point out somewhere that its not that certain that makes sense.

the purpose of this laboratory experiment was to perform an acid/base extraction in order to isolate and identify an equal binary mixture of unknown a composed of one acid compound (benzoic acid or 4-chlorobenzoic acid) and one neutral compound (1,4-dimethoxylbenzene or naphthalene). after starting with 2.495 g of unknown a, 1.048 g of the neutral compound provided an 84.0% recovery while 1.450 g of the acidic compound provided an 116% recovery. the melting point for the neutral compound was 53-55 °c, which matched the literature mp of 54-56 °c for 1,4-dimethoxybenzene. the melting point for the acid compound was 112-114 °c, which differed from the literature mp of 121-123 °c for benzoic acid (7.4% error). the recovery mass and low melting point of the crude acid indicated that the product still contained tbme and not fully dry after recrystallization. for the neutral compound, stretches at 1504 cm-1, 1220 cm-1, and 3012 cm-1 indicated c=c (aromatic), c-o (ether), and csp2-h bonds respectively. however, an o-h stretch at 3421 cm-1 could be rationalized that the product contained water, indicating that the product was still wet. for the acidic compound, stretches at 2547-3389 cm-1, 1676 cm-1, and 1418 cm-1 indicated o-h (carboxylic acid), c=o, and c=c (aromatic) bonds respectively. lastly, the tlc revealed that the rf values for unknown a (rf =0.043 and rf =0.37) matched the rf values for both the acid and neutral compounds respectively (rf =0.040 and rf =0.37). from these data, it was concluded that the isolated products of unknown a consisted of benzoic acid and 1,4-dimethoxybenzene.

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