PLEASE HELP, ASAP*Also, please include the coordinates of the new line and fill the blanks**Problems

PLEASE HELP, ASAP *Also, please include the coordinates of the new line and fill the blanks*
*Problems 5 through 12, do them all*

[tex]PLEASE HELP, ASAP *Also, please include[/tex]
[tex]PLEASE HELP, ASAP *Also, please include[/tex]
[tex]PLEASE HELP, ASAP *Also, please include[/tex]

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  1. Correct Ellos bebieron muchos refrescos y sodas en su viaje.


    The ellos/ellas/ustedes preterite conjugation for er/ir verbs is -ieron.

  2. Humans have interesting brains that do many things to memories.

    With individual memories all jumbled up with each other, it is hard to believe we ever know anything to be true.

    New insights into human memory suggest human memories are really a mixture of many non-factual things.


    The text shows how imprecise our memory is. That's because our brain has the ability to modify memories, fill in white spaces in the memory of a story or a situation, interweave different memories and even delete a memory completely or partially.

    For this reason, it is common that we can never remember something as it truly is, what we have is a vague and blurred report that may be totally out of what really happened.

  3. ill do 6

    the exchange of genes between homologous chromosomes, resulting in a mixture of parental characteristics in offspring.


  4. 1. The advent of the space age has speeded up the gathering of information about our universe.

    2. The airline pilot took a southerly route to circumvent the electrical storm over Kansas.

    3. Blizzards and dust storms often forced westbound pioneers to deviate from recommended routes.

    4. To settle disputes between scientists and animal rights activists, the university convened a bilateral meeting.

    5. Alejandro Malaspina's itinerant from Spain to the northwest coast of North America included stops in Chile and Peru.

    6. This new carpet is impervious to stains.

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