Please Help!! Compare and Contrast the Federal Government’s Role in the Economy during the New Deal

Please Help!!
Compare and Contrast the Federal Government’s Role in the Economy during the New Deal with the Federal Government’s Role in the Economy during the Gilded Age.

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  1. Federal government should increase funding in education, make institutions for education and increase enrollment of students.


    Federalism is when the country is controlled by the central government of the country. The policies and reforms are formed for the welfare of the people of the country is by the central government.

    Federal government has a great role in the education of the country, they make investment in the education of the country for the development of the people and the growth of the country. Federal government should increase funding in education, make institutions and increase enrollment of people in education.

  2. The answer to this question is the letter "D" which is "government often supplies public goods and that are too big or risky for private actors to address". This is the federal government's role when in terms of providing electricity to rural areas. This happened in the year 1930's to address the problem and economic depression in rural areas and it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who is the president that year.

  3. B. the federal government's role was to create and implement programs that would meet the needs of the less fortunate in American society

  4. To expand the federal government's role in managing natural resources.


    During the Progressive Era, a lot of emphasis was placed in conservation. People believed that it was important to protect natural areas and natural resources from excessive and irresponsible use, which is most likely to happen through private ownership and lack of regulation. Therefore, during these years, the federal government's role was expanded when it came to the   management of natural resources.

  5. 1- The promotion of the regional interests over national concerns

    2- The relationship between the federal government over state government.


    1- Every other options seem to be included in the passage above. however, the promotion of regional interest over national concerns does not seem to be ruled by Supreme court.

  6. The correct answer is:

    -Both crime and poverty rates had greatly increased. With the reduction of social welfare programs advocated by the Neoliberal policies, budgets for the police and for government programs used to mitigate and remedy poverty were greatly decreased. This in turn meant that the police and the social programs had to do a lot more with a lot less resources which inevitable entailed a degradation of their services.

    -Budget deficits in the federal government were rising. Indeed, one of the major tenets of neoliberalism is that taxation is a hindrance for the activities and prosperity of the private sector and the rich. This translated into tax cuts for the wealthiest that reduced the income of the federal government and that increased deficits.

    -The federal government's role had become very limited. Neoliberals consider that big government is the problem. That is why they always de-fund it as much as they can and enact laws to keep the government from regulating all types of economic activities.

    -Divorce rates and drug abuse were becoming major problems. Inevitably, as economic inequalities rise, the quality of life and access to economic and professional opportunities decreases and that puts quit a strain on households that have to cope with extreme unemployment and inflation but with stagnant wages/salaries. Inevitably, such social and economic instability takes a great toll on people and the fact that due to budget cuts to social security and lack of access to universal, comprehensive healthcare prevents them from getting medical/psychological assistance; they will resort to drug abuse in order to mitigate their physical/psychological ailments.  

  7. The correct answer is B) the Federal government could not and should not solve the economic crisis.

    Hebert Hoover initially believed about the Federal government’s role in the Great Depression that the Federal government could not and should not solve the economic crisis.

    Hebert Hoover believed in non-interventionism. He considered that the government should not intervene in the economic issues of the country. Some enemies of Hoover called him “Mr. Do nothing” because he did not want to act on swiftly. The Great Depression started when the stock market crashed on October 24, 1929, and many people lost their jobs, as well as many businesses had to close.  


  8. As part of the New Deal, President Franklin D. Roosevelt implemented many measures that were intended to provide relief to Americans that were negatively impacted by the Great Depression. These measures included programs that modern Americans are familiar with, such as relief for the unemployed.

    These programs were implemented by the federal government, a situation that had not been seen before in the United States. The New Deal significantly expanded the role of the federal government in the lives of private citizens. The federal government had never impacted so many Americans this directly before. However, this strategy was intended to provide relief for the poor during difficult times, which was seen as justification for these expanded authority.

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