Please help guysss!!

Please help guysss!!

[tex]Please help guysss!![/tex]
[tex]Please help guysss!![/tex]
[tex]Please help guysss!![/tex]

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  1. 5=812a+9+3

    step 1: simplify both sides of the equation.


    5=(812a)+(9+3)(combine like terms)



    step 2: flip the equation.


    step 3: subtract 12 from both sides.



    step 4: divide both sides by 812.

    812a /812 = -7/812

    a= -1/116

    so the answer is

    a=   -1/116

  2. Answercounterclockwise rotation about the origin by 180 degrees followed by reflection about the y-axisexplanationthe given figure has vertices[tex]p(1,2),q(2,1),r(3,2),s(3,3)[/tex]recall that for counterclockwise rotation about the origin, [tex](x,y)\rightarrow (-x,-y)[/tex]when we rotate figure pqrs counterclockwise through an angle of 180° about the origin, the coordinates will become[tex]p1( - 1, - 2),q1( - 2, - 1),r1( - 3, - 2),s1( - 3, - 3)[/tex]next, we reflect in the y-axis by negating the x-coordinates of the resulting figure to obtain,[tex]p'(1, - 2),q'(2, - 1),r'(3, - 2),s'(3, - 3)[/tex]therefore the correct answer is c

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