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  1. Yes,she had enough


    she needs a total of 24ounces

    Step-by-step explanation:

    She had enough because ½pound is 8ounces thus 16ounces+8ounces add up to 24ounces.

  2. ?= 5.52

    Step-by-step explanation:

    We know that sin theta = opp side / hypotenuse

    sin 65 = 5 / ?

    ? = 5 / sin 65

    ? =5.516889595

    To the nearest hundredth

    ?= 5.52

  3. Equation: 16 × 9 = 144

    Step-by-step explanation:

     Bottom is made up of 16 unit cubes so each dimension is 4 units for the base. The base, 16 times the height, 9 is 144.

  4. What do you know about ecosystems?

    An ecosystem is a community of living things in a habitat that are in conjuction with the ninliving things in tehri habitat. The abiotic and biotic factros living together in a habitat in harmony that are all linked together by biochemical cycles and energy flows.

    What living things do you think we would find in a rainforest ecosystem? What might those living things need to grow?

    Living things that would be found in a rainforest ecosytem include the animals liek jaguars, spider monkeys, tapirs, camians, sloths, harpy eagles, mosquitos, ants, clouded lepord and amur leporad, apes liek chimpanzees and organguatans, tigers, brids of paradise, gorillas, elephants, frogs, bats, katydids, and so many more! Plants include pitcher plants, orchids, venus fly trap and otehr carnivorous plants, Açai Palm, rubber trees, various palm tree species, vines, bamboo, banana trees, strangler figs, giant red cedar, and many other flower tree, grasses, planst, bushes, fruit, vines, and otehr vegetation species. These living thinsg need to grow fruit, in size, in numbers, and many ways the rainforest.

    What living things do you think we would find in a desert ecosystem? What might those living things need to grow?

    Cati, succulents, tarantuals, scorpians, gila monster, cactus blossoms, sandwinders, dry grasses, coyotes, jackals, dingos, fennec foxes, vultures, gazelle, snakes and vipers, lizards, (remeber the artic ecosytems are deserts too! ) penguins, polar bears, seals, killer whales, lemmings, elk, walrus, beluga whales and narwhal, and so many more! these living things need to grow their fight and defense system features like the narwal's horn or walrus's tusks.

    What living things do you think we would find in a savanna ecosystem? What might those living things need to grow?

    In a savanna many things live here, porcupines, acacia trees, cheetahs, lions, lepords, hyeans, zebras, elephants, baboons, giraffes, rhinoceros, crocodiles, hippopotamus, termites, ostriches, ardvarks, anteaters,snakes, boa constrictors, kangaroos, scorpions, tartantuals, buffalo, baobob, scutch grass, and many more. These living things need to grow in their size to survive and grow in their knowledge of survival for life.

    What living things do you think we would find in a coral reef ecosystem? What might those living things need to grow?

    In a coral reef system you would find numerous shark species, coral, kelp, seaweed, sponges, algae, sea urchins, dolphins, sea turtles, seahorses, clownfish, starfish, jellyfish, mnay many species of fish, lobster, shrimp, crabs, snails, octopuses, rays, clams, worms, eels, manatees, and so many more. These plants need to grow to create ecosyetems and to create dissolved oxygen. Coral reefs need to grow to keep the habitat alive and going, to also fight the dwindiling reef numbers.

  5. The text is a primary source and gives a cursory information of what happened wit Ashoka and Kalinga.


    1 Any primary source is one that has come down to us intact and Ashoka's edicts are one of the few that have.

    This edict says that Ashoka was remorseful about the death of many people in Kalinga when he conquered that country.

    2 This and many other secondary sources have suggested that this indeed was a terrible war and Ashoka did win it , but at a terrible cost of men from his side and a complete slaughter of the natives.

    3 This incident had him change his mind about warfare and he would eventually take up Buddhism too.

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