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  1. The velocity of the vehicle, x is 4 m/s


    Where we have conservation of momentum then we have;

    Sum of Initial momentum = Sum of Final momentum

    Initial momentum of truck = 5000 kg·m/s

    Initial momentum of car = 1600 kg·m/s

    Sum of initial momentum of truck and car = 5000 kg·m/s + 1600 kg·m/s = 6600 kg·m/s

    Final momentum of truck = = 3400 kg·m/s

    Final momentum of car = 800 kg × x m/s

    Therefore, by the principle of conservation of momentum, we have;

    6600 kg·m/s = 3400 kg·m/s + 800 kg × x m/s

    From which;

    800 kg × x m/s = 6600 kg·m/s - 3400 kg·m/s = 3200 kg·m/s

    x m/s = 3200 kg·m/s /(800 kg) = 4 m/s

    The velocity of the vehicle, x = 4 m/s

  2. answer:

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