PLEASE HELP WITH THIS!!!put the bolded phrases in each category​


put the bolded phrases in each category​

[tex]PLEASE HELP WITH THIS!!!put the bolded phrases in each category​[/tex]

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  1. the hunger games, written by  suzanne collins, is fiction in the young adult genre, which is not my age group, but i found myself unable to put it down. its combination of nerve-racking tension, thrilling action, and engaging love story kept me up until the wee hours. i was surprised at how completely engrossing the plot was. like  brave new world, this story is set in a future where the government oppresses its people, but the book also borrows ideas from the greek myth of theseus and the minotaur.

    divided into 12 districts, ruled by an oppressive government located at the  capitol. katniss everdeen, a 16-year-old girl from district 12, takes her younger sister’s place as one of 24 “tributes” selected every year to participate in the hunger games at the capitol.

    while i found this book absolutely enthralling, i was surprised it was aimed at an audience of young adults. it seems extremely intense for anyone younger than 16 or 17. for example, there is a scene where one young tribute is slowly eaten alive by wolf-like creatures all night long, and katniss has to finally throw a weapon at him to end his misery. i found this a little too disturbing when i considered the age of the character.

    the intensity of the action was something one would find in a more mature book, but the age of the characters and the simplicity of the prose were aimed at a much younger audience. in addition, this book was written in present tense, which i found annoying, but that’s more of a personal preference than a stylistic fault. it was also edited somewhat poorly, but that rarely distracted from the plot. for example, the author often spoke in sentence fragments to describe how katniss felt, which might have been an attempt to reflect on her thought process, but i found it disorienting to read a lot of really short sentences all together. it would have been better to vary the sentence length on occasion, but the story was still coherently.

    overall,  the hunger games  was an excellent, enthralling read that i highly recommend. if it was more clearly marked for older teens, it would have been better, but it was a fantastic book with a wonderfully creative plot.

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  2. 1.) This oath even forbade me means that this promise even prevented me. The answer is letter C. Since, in a literal sense, oath means promise and forbade means to prevent.

    2.) It's more of the second statement - I do not believe that the presidency gives me the authority to abolish slavery. Since in his personal opinion, Lincoln agreed that all slaves should be freed. But he did not believe that "the Constitution gave him the power to free all the slaves". He hoped that could be done slowly, during peacetime.

  3. everyday, people all over the world are making sacrifices; all for different reasons. some people may choose to do more simple sacrifices, like, "my daughter is receiving an award at school, but i also have an appointment, so i will decide to cancel that appointment to be there with my daughter" although she is cancelling her appointment, she can easily reschedule it, and spend her time with nore important thungs in life: being there with her daughter. this will make her daughter happy too because she is recieveing an award for her hard work, and it brings us happiness when our hard work is noticed and appreciated.

    on the other hand, some people dont know when to make a sacrifice, ir bow to make one. well, making a sacrifice is when you do something for someone else other than yourself, for someone else's happiness, not so you can gain something in return. you do it for them, not for you. so, anyone can make a sacrifice, even the most simplest ones, like giving up the tv for a sibling or a sibling with homework, when you could be doing something else. the point is to others, when you can be doing something else. you do it out of the fact that you want to them, not so that it can benefit you.

    making sacrifices benefit people in many ways, it can bring a smile to there face knowing someone is willing to and bring kindess. alot of people tend to feel unwanted and that no one is there for them, but if we show kindess and sacrifice the less importnat things in life for the most important things in life, people will once again feel happiness and more at ease knowing that someone is or was there for them, even if it be only once.

    hope this , and let me know if there are any typos, it's hard typing on a phone : )

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