Please look at the document and follow what is said in the paragraphs

Please look at the document and follow what is said in the paragraphs

[tex]Please look at the document and follow what is said in the paragraphs[/tex]

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  1. STANFORD, CA—Surmising that the animal was probably sick and most definitely filthy, Stanford University scientists warned Americans Monday to just stay away from that bird. “It’s doing a weird thing with its wings, and it just looks all grimy,” said researcher Emily Carden, emphasizing that Americans should avoid going anywhere near the bird as scientists had no idea where it had been. “Who knows what this bird’s deal is, but you can tell there’s something wrong with it. It was kind of walking in a circle a bit ago, but now it’s just picking at one of its nasty-looking feathers and making a strange noise. It might be dying, but it could probably still fly right at you if it wanted to. It’s just so gross.” At press time, researchers were urging Americans to remain quiet while they tried to gently poke at the bird with a long stick.

  2. Intended Audience, Historical Situation, Point of View

    Document 1

    - Marco Polo’s intended audience was mainly the Europeans to persuade and show them the greatness of Tabriz and Asia.

    - Marco Polo took a journey to a city called Tabriz near Persia. The historical situation described was during the time period of the silk road in China during 1300 CE.  

    - The document was written from the author’s point of view. It consists of opinions and ideas presented from that of the author’s eyes.  

    Document 2

    - The text was intended for a Muslim audience. It was written to inform the reader about the history of the Mongol Empire and Sorqotani Beki’s influence.

    -The historical situation during Juvaini’s experience as a muslim was in the Mongol era during 1300 CE and Ulugh-Noyan had just died. The document explains that after said death, Sorqotani Beki gained power and had a large influence on the empire.

    -The text is written from the point of view of ‘Ala ad-Din Juvaini who experienced and wrote the account.

    Document 3

    -The excerpt suggests that the text was delivered to a mainly European audience. It informed people about the forms of currency and economic situation of the trade route along China.

    -The historical situation at the time period presented in the excerpt was when there was Silk Road trade in 1300 CE Cathay/China and a paper currency called balishi had just been introduced.

    -The excerpt is written in the author’s perspective.  The author writes about his experience as a merchant who went to China and witnessed the trades and currency being used for these exchanges in 1343 CE.

    Document 4

    -The intended audience of Friar John of Monte Corvino’s letter was his  fellow Franciscan missionaries in the Black Sea area. It served to explain his experience thus far in his journey.  The letter was later forwarded to Rome.

    -The historical situation at the time period presented in the letter was when 1300 CE Cathay/China the emperor of the Mongols remained the Great Khan.

    -The text from the letter provided is written directly from the perspective of the author and their account. It also consists of personal opinions and experiences.

    also incase the thesis for part 3 is needed this is what I put:

    The extent of the expansion of the Mongol Empire resulted in social and cultural changes in Afro-Eurasia between 1200 and 1350 CE. The Silk Road trade aided in the expansion of the Mongol Empire by increasing trade and boosting their economy. The Mongol Empire gained control of more areas and eventually almost the entirety of the silk road, enabling them to spread and change culture in Afro-Eurasia.


    I can't say all of it is entirely accurate or worded great but this is just what I put for my answers. I suggest revising my answers how you see fit. I hope it helps! 🙂

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