Please solve, really easy, but I really don’t know. PLEASE I WILL MARK YOU AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED

Please solve, really easy, but I really don’t know.
Solve for A and B plz

[tex]Please solve, really easy, but I really don’t know.... PLEASE I WILL MARK YOU AS BRAINLIEST IF ANSW[/tex]

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  1. A) [tex]10inch^3[/tex]

    B) [tex]270inch^3[/tex]

    Step-by-step explanation:

    The formula for the volume of a cube is:

    V = [tex]a^{3}[/tex]


    V = Volume

    a = side

    Plug the information into the formula.

    V = [tex](3 inch)^3[/tex]

    V = [tex]27 inch^3[/tex]

    That is the volume of one cube. If all of the cubes have the same length, in order to find the volume of the whole figure, we must count how many cubes there are and multiply that number by the volume.

    If I am not mistaken, I can count 10 cubes.

    10 times the Volume of one cube = Volume of the solid figure.

    [tex]10(27inch^3) = X\\270inch^3 = X[/tex]

    Therefore, the volume of the solid figure is [tex]270inch^3[/tex]

  2. Step-by-step explanation:

    If the ratio of the areas is [tex]\frac{4}{16}[/tex] , then the ratio of the perimeters is [tex]\frac{16}{64}[/tex] . Both can be reduced to [tex]\frac{1}{4}[/tex] .

  3. Kate has three bananas.

    Henry ate bread.

    I drank two milk.

    He has notebook.

    Not sure. But hopes it helps.


  4. Row 1:

    56×2² = 224 in²

    25×3² = 225 in²

    15×4² = 240 in²

    Row 2:

    22×1.5² = 49.5 in²

    35×6² = 1260 in²

    18×3.5² = 220.5 in²

  5. Kate has three bananas that she got from the shops

    I have two drink more milk

    she want another coffee

    idk for the rest

  6. A. some of the present day continent's look like they could fit back together like a puzzle.


    continental drift is a theory stating that the Earth's continents have been joined together and have moved away from each other at different times in the Earth's history. The theory was first proposed by Alfred Wegener in 1912.

    If they move apart in pieces, they can fit back together in the same way/shape.

    // have a great day //

  7. In order for every book to be the same price they would have to be $9. But his cost 13. So I would subtract. 27-13=14. So he has $14 left. He still has to buy 2 more books so each of his sisters have a book. So he would have $7 to spend on each of them. Your answer would be yes he can spend $5 on each additional book.

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