PLEASEE HELP ME ASAP describe a similarity or difference between republican and democratic presidents no monies to federal district courts

PLEASEE HELP ME ASAP describe a similarity or difference between republican and democratic presidents no monies to federal district courts with regard to the political party of the people they nominate

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  1. The Federalists wanted a strong central government and a loose interpretation of the Constitution. The Republicans favored states' rights more than a central government and they had a strict interpretation of the Constitution. Another big difference was that the Federalists encouraged commerce and manufacturing.

  2. The correct answer is C) It further exposed differences between Democratic-Republicans and federalists.

    The events of the French Revolution impacted the development of political parties in the U.S in that it further exposed differences between Democratic-Republicans and federalists.

    The French Revolution started in 1789 and ended in 1799. French people took the building called "the Bastille" and the war began. In the United States, the French Revolution expose even more the differences between federalists and anti-federalists. The ideas of political leaders such as Alexander Hamilton, who supported federalism, and Thomas Jefferson, who supported anti-federalists ideas were growing in opposite directions.

  3. Presidents don´t nominate people who belong to their party for federal district courts, but it is a fact that they tend to nominate judges who have a closer vision to their own ideology. So, Republican presidents tend to nominate conservatively-minded people for judges, and Democratic presidents tend to nominate progressively-minded people.


  4. I would simply agree with Democrats, and here is my reasons to support it! Republicans value "Lowering taxes" but they are lowering it for the rich, which is stupid for the Middle class citizen who work there butts off to provide for there family, and taxes constantly going up for them. 2nd reason is, this world, A climate crisis and it only seems like Democratic leaders tend to care about this situation more then republican leaders, It's always a fight between science and politics, especially with Republican leaders. This could just be Extremely bias, and especially because of how this president has acted, and taken away basic rights.  

  5. Democrats are usually to the “left” of Republicans on many issues. For starters, Democrats support domestic social services but majorly are not very aggressive on foreign policy. Being liberal, they root for a strong government to improve social structures and support equality and communal responsibility. Republican: Republicans advocate for limited government intervention on domestic issues but dominate on international relations.


  6. 1. new ideas around the government and basic life change

    2. economy= democrats support move government spending instead of military spendings, while republicans see it the opposite way. Democrats also believe that people with more money should be paying higher taxes.

    National security=republicans believe that they have a right to be secure in their home and want the government to pay more money for the U.S. security system. Democrats have a very similar view to the republicans though.

    3. Some parties may secretly receive big fundings from support groups and parties/candidates can buy votes instead of winning them fairly

    4. liberalism, conservatism, libertarianism and populism/half of them are seen as independent(moderate, libertarians) and half of them would prefer the government to a limit(liberal, conservative). They all have different views on the government and what they should do but they all


  7. Answer in the pic


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