Pls answer number 9 you can check the others if you want

Pls answer number 9 you can check the others if you want

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  1. the two answers are a, the population of birds with large beaks will increase on the island, and c, the trait for large beaks will be passed on to future generations through natural selection. the reason for that is because if the birds that have beaks developed for eating small seeds lose all of their food, they will go hungry and eventually starve because they physically cannot eat the large seeds, therefore making the population of large beaked birds higher. also, if the trait of large beaks are dominant on the island over small beaks, then over time the large beaked birds will reproduce more and more, while the smaller beaked birds will reproduce less and less because they can't survive with the food provided. that leads to the trait of small beaks disappearing and the trait of large beaks taking over the island.

  2. the atmospheric gas that forms a mild acid when dissolved in water is called carbon dioxide. the correct answer is a. 2.) chemical weathering would cause an inscription on a marble headstone to become harder and harder to read over time.

  3. The the Mitochondria contains membrane stacks which increase its surface area to volume ratio allowing for more molecules to be able to bind onto its surface at one time meaning it can have a greater reaction rate and break down more glucose to realise energy for the cell at any one time

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