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  1. Python, JavaScript, PowerShell, Batch, and Visual Basic are the most popular alternatives and competitors to VBScript.

  2. if a computer is made out of many copies it can cause a virus with a definition of a tro Jan by a virus


    what follows is a brief history of the computer virus and what the future holds for this once when a computer is made multiple copies of it's so several reducing malicious intent here but animal and prevade fit the definition of a Trojan buy viruses worms and Trojans paint the name Malwar as an umbrella term

  3. 1. Single strand DNA (target DNA)

    2. 2 Primers ( Forward and reverse primers)


    Polymerase chain reaction or PCR technique Is based on the DNA replication process that is it requires the Taq polymerase, the primers, and the target DNA.

    The DNA sample is denatured in the first step which opens the strands and forms two single strands.

    To these two strands, the primers which are the short nucleotide sequence that provides the 3'end for Taq polymerase are attached on both the strands.  The forward primer binds to the start codon at 3' end and reverse primer binds to the stop codon.  

    Thus, these are the 3 sequences which are required in the PCR.

  4. Adina removed the sand, employing a shovel, however she be laborious and therefore the stream will carry off the silt and therefore the sand.

    She does not have to be compelled to do something, however to attend.

    You fill the metal pot with ocean water and boil the water, the water can turn out to be steam and can move upwards, there you would like to dam the steam victimization the long metal plate, so the steam condenses into pure water droplets.

    The metal plate must be inclined so the droplets flow downwardly and at last falls into a clean pot.

    Finally you get the water within the clean pot.


    Another and short

    she can remove the sand , using a shovel , but that will be hard. eventually the stream will carry off the silt and the sand . thus she doesn't have to do anything , but to wait .

    Please give brainliest and thanks

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