Pls help for this question! no wrong answers pls

Pls help for this question! no wrong answers pls

[tex]Pls help for this question! no wrong answers pls[/tex]

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  1. 3. (5x + 1) - (-10x + 6)

    simplify the answer choice. combine like terms. remember to distribute the negative to the terms inside the second parenthesis. also remember that two negatives = one positive, and one of each sign = negative.

    - (-10x + 6) = + 10x - 6

    simplify. combine like terms:

    5x + 1 + 10x - 6

    5x + 10x + 1 - 6

    15x - 5

    ∴ it is your answer


  2. a) Sample spaces (S) whose outcomes are all possible sequences of correct and incorrect responses. The total number for the sample space is 8.

    S = {CCC, CCW, CWC, CWW, WCC, WCW, WWC, WWW, }


    i) Let E1 = Event that exactly one answer is correct.

    Then E1 = {CWW, WCW, WWC}

    Prob(E1) = [tex]\frac{3}{8}[/tex]

    ii) Let E2 = Event that at least two answers are correct

    Then E2 = {CCC, CCW, CWC, WCC}

    Prob(E2) = [tex]\frac{4}{8} = \frac{1}{2}[/tex]

    iii) Let E3 = Event that no answer is correct

    Then E3 = {WWW}

    Prob(E3) = [tex]\frac{1}{8}[/tex]

    Step-by-step explanation:

    a) First the sample space is listed containing all the possible outcome.

    b) i) The event that exactly one answer is correct. First we listed all the combination from the sample space having exactly one correct answer. And they are 3.

    Probability = [tex]\frac{number of possible outcome}{number of total outcome}[/tex]

    Our total outcome is 8.

    So, the probability is 3/8.

    ii) The event that at least two answers are correct. We listed all the combination having at least two answers from the sample space. And they are 4 in numbers.

    So, the probability is 4/8 which is 1/2

    iii) The event that no answer is correct. We listed the event with no correct answer from the sample space and we found only 1.

    So, the probability is 1/8.

  3. 1 - Option C - 10,000

    2 - 3x+5 will be 12 more than 3x-7.

    Step-by-step explanation:

    1) To find : With what number must 3.475817 be multiplied in order to obtain the number 34,758.17?

    Solution :

    The number 3.475817 is multiplied by number to obtain 34,758.17.

    As we see that, the decimal is moved four places to the right.

    Which means the number is multiplied by 10000.

    i.e. [tex]3.475817\times 10000=34,758.17[/tex]

    Therefore, option C is correct.

    2) To find : How much greater is the value of 3x+5 than the value of 3x−7?

    Solution ;

    Assuming that x is the same value in each equation,

    In order to determine the difference between the two values,

    We ignore the 3x part as it is the same on both of the equations.

    So, from 5 to -7 i.e. 7+5=12.

    Therefore, 3x+5 will be 12 more than 3x-7.

  4. answer:

    i don’t know plz don’t report im doing it now and ill post it as soon as i finish doing the

    step-by-step explanation:

  5. Blue- a change in matter...

    Purple-the ability of a substance to combine chemically...

    Green-the ability of a substance to burn

    Yellow-the ability of matter...


  6. a.

    [tex]\text{Sample Space} = \{ CCC,CCW,CWW,WWW,WWC,WCC,WCW,CWC \}[/tex]


    (i)  1/2

    (ii) 2/3

    (iii) 1/6

    Step-by-step explanation:


    The sample space is the list of all possibilities.

    [tex]\text{Sample Space} = \{ CCC,CCW,CWW,WWW,WWC,WCC,WCW,CWC \}[/tex]



    If exactly one answer is correct the favorable outcomes are

    CWW , WCW , WWC.

    And the probability would be 3/6 = 1/2.


    If at least two answers are correct then the favorable outcomes are


    and the probability is 4/6 = 2/3.


    If  no answer is correct, the favorable outcomes are


    and the probability is  1/6.

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