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  1. 1.The speaker is trying to encourage racial resentment.

    2.She believes that women should have more representation in government.

    3.Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to God.

    I tried my best.


  2. So I don't know the entire story and everything but I think this is amazing! I'm a writer myself and I think you give readers an understanding of what the characters are saying, doing, and feeling. I just think that Kara is stuttering a lot. Again I don't know the entire story but the part where Kara says, "S-sorry s-sir, I-I'll w-watch w-where I-I'm"... Every single word Kara says is stuttered and a bit delayed. I would strongly advise you to take out some of the stuttering, but not all. For example, "S-sorry sir. I-I'll w-watch where I'm g-going..." Something like that is what you should do. Also the part where Kara says "What it is like?" should be "What is it like?" Also Kara stops her stuttering there. I think before she speaks, put a bit about how Kara feels. Something like she didn't like where the conversation was going or she wanted to muster all of her courage and actually speak with ThinkHeat about being a fighter. I also think you should add a bit of what the characters feel. Once again, I don't know the entire story but I think you should use my advise. You don't have to though. Other than that, I think this piece or excerpt of the story is really good. You're a really good writer!

  3. A. 320

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Find the area of the rectangle:

    A = length * width = 32 * 20 = 640

    Now add two points to the figure, the midpoints of sides CD and ED.

    Call the midpoint of CD point G. Call the midpoint of side DE point H.

    Notice that the area you want is the area of rectangle ACDE minus the areas of triangles EFD and BDC.

    Now look at rectangle FGDE with diagonal FD. The area of rectangle FGDE is half the area of rectangle ACDE, so it's 320. The area of triangle EFD is half the area of rectangle FGDE, so it's 160.

    Now we do a similar thing to find the area of triangle BDC. Look at rectangle BCDH with diagonal BD. The are of rectangle BCDH is half of the area of rectangle ACDE, so it's 320. The area of triangle BCD is half the area of rectangle BCDH, so it's 160.

    Finally we do the subtraction:

    area of ABDF = area of ACDE - area of EFD - area of BDC

    area of ABDF = 640 - 320 - 320

    area of ABDF = 320

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