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  1. step-by-step explanation:

    ok so im not 100% sure but you would start by adding 5.1t and 1.9t beacuse they have the same variable. that is 7t.   then add -3.6 + 1.2 which is -2.4

    so then keep that as -2.4 + 7t. i apologize if this is incorrect. best luck on your test < 3

  2. eat, drink, learn, grow and bury loved ones???

    guiding, principles

    boundaries I don't really know at this point

    Circumcision and hunts

    Allah, God, Jehovah

    rituals, customs and life

    cultural universals

    Explanation: i watched the video 😐

  3. The academic affairs council is the highest expert body processing academic affairs, as stipulated by the university statutes. specialist aaro häkkinen (educational policy) took part in the council’s meeting. the agenda of the meeting included bachelors’ feedback, the timing of pedagogical studies, the grant system for tuition fees, the standardisation of administrative practices for internships and the situation of foreign-language and multilingual master’s programmes.

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