PromptAlthough people usually only hear about the benefits of exercise, there can be risk factors as well. Some of these risks ar.DR

Prompt Although people usually only hear about the benefits of exercise, there can be risk factors as well. Some of these risks ar.

[tex]Prompt Although people usually only hear about the benefits of exercise, there can be risk factor[/tex]

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  1. Some environmental factors could be weather temperature, sun rays, humidity, air quality(pollution), dangers on the ground.


  2. IF you are a female and excercise overdone can cause the loss of a period because there is not enough fat on the body. This is called amenorrhea. This is only if they lose their period for 3 months.

  3. Idk of any environmental risk but i do over exercising cud cause problems and not stretching first... 
    good luck! 

  4. Indeed the statement above is true that many environmental risks factors are associated with the place of working out.

    Explanation: The major purpose of exercising is to consume large amount of fresh oxygen from surroundings in order to make your body work efficiently. Other than that exercise helps your brain in releasing such chemicals which makes you happy and releases your stress. We always want to exercise in a place where their is less or no noises at all to meditate during your work-out session.

    Air pollution: If you will exercise in the environment where there is a lot of smoke in the air from near by factory or industry or someone is smoking right next to you, the oxygen you will inhale will be contaminated and will be extremely hazardous instead of beneficial. You might get lung or respiratory tract issues which is associated with working-out in a place where the environment is highly polluted.

    Noise pollution: If you chose a place for exercising, where a lot of people are talking and laughing and a lout music is playing, you might not be able to relax or release negativity from your mind through exercising, instead you will build up more stress and that workout would be of no use. Thus, such environmental conditions makes a man uncomfortable in environment and several risks such as health problems are associated with it.

  5. 1.) Children, anything that doesn't move, 2.)if you are on a dirt road watch out for ditches and bumps and anything you could trip over.


    1.) because they didn't do anything wrong. (JK)

      look out for little kids and even people because you or they could end up getting injured if neither person is being careful or responsible.

    2.)  Mainly Bumps, holes, puddles just if you are jogging make sure to watch where you are putting your feet and where you are going so you A.) don't trip over anything or B.) run into something/someone

  6. Although people usually only hear about the benefits of exercise, there can be risk factors as well. some of these risks are inherent in different types of exercises or sports, but other risks can be associated with the environment where someone chooses to exercise. what are some environmental risk factors that should be considered and avoided when exercising?

    When exercising you should consider environmental risk factors like air temperature, air quality, and hazards in the area in which you are exercising.

  7. There are many environmental factors such as temperature or levels of pollen or polluted air during the competition.


    With high or very low temperatures, you have to dress properly to be able to perform well. An example is an athlete playing a game in Norway in November. The most logical thing is that temperatures are around 0 degrees, and to reduce the risk of injury, excellent warming is necessary, or wearing clothes to maintain body temperature.

    Another example is athletes with allergies or respiratory problems, their performance may be affected due to a high amount of pollen or polluted air. It is essential to take into account pollen and air purity in training and competition places.

  8. Depression is lifelong, though you can get medication to with it. the difference between sadness and depression is that sadness lasts a little bit, depression last a long time and it goes on and off. people usually get depression through experiences they have been through, or genetics.

  9. Some environmental risks to avoid while climbing is the flora & fauna. While nature's plants are beautiful things, just as many of them are deadly. Exercisers will want to avoid contact with unfamiliar greenery, to avoid allergic reactions and poisoning. Another factor to take in is geography. Natural disasters such as a mudslide or sinkhole could happen at any moment. To avoid this, be cautious of where you step, and only stay on the provided pathways. If there is no pathway in the location you're visiting, then you may not want to exercise there.

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