Read the excerpt from a student’s essay.Which is the best revision of the concluding sentence?Chewing gum should be allowed

Read the excerpt from a student's essay. Which is the best revision of the concluding sentence?
Chewing gum should be allowed at our school. Dentists
agree that chewing sugarless gum prevents cavities. It
has also been found that chewing a piece of gum
improves students' concentration and helps them score
higher on tests. Selling gum in the school cafeteria will
raise money for new P. E. equipment. I like watermelon
flavored gum best!
O Chewing gum will be messy and distracting at our
school and should not be allowed.
O Chewing gum is delicious, and it will whiten students'
O Chewing gum can help our school by raising money
and improving test scores.
O Chewing gum at school will help students feel happier
about learning.

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