Read the excerpt from Act 2 of The Monsters Are Due onMaple StreetWhat do the stage directions tell

Read the excerpt from Act 2 of The Monsters Are Due on
Maple Street
What do the stage directions tell the reader ab
response to the group's accusations?
O He is pretending to agree with the group.
He is frightened by the group's anger.
He is not afraid to challenge the group.
He is nervous that the group knows the tru

By this time Steve has reached the group. He stands there
defiantly close to them.

Go ahead, Steve. What kind of "radio set" you workin' on?!
never seen it. Neither has anyone else. Who you talk to on
that radio set? And who talks to you?
Mark this and return
Save and Exit
atent viewers Assessment viewer/Activit​

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  1. Hey gurl. Honestly I wouldn’t worry about it if it’s the first time. If it keeps happening tell him you fee uncomfortable with him talking to “sum1” cause you don’t know “sum1” and if he gets mad, you have a point because he was blowing you off to talk to “sum1” when you should come first unless it’s his mom or sister.


    And yes I always get mad when my bf would ft or talk to other girls but I didn’t do much about it unless it was serious.

  2. girl you need to talk to him about it confront him with it because I can grantee if he really likes you he wouldn't want u to be doing that. so just talk to him you deserve to be treated with respect not don't let anyone treat you with out it and if he don't care about how you feel about him talking to this "sum1" then he don't deserve you and you can find better.


  3. K(n) = 3n
    k(-5) = 3(-5) = -15

    Do the same for the other functions. Replace the values of 'n' in the given functions.

    Hope it helped!

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